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I can’t control myself

One of the most commonly spoken phrases in this series is “我慢出来ない,” which can be literally translated to “I can’t control myself.”  The most visible way dominance is asserted in this series is through glomping and holding the partner down … Continue reading

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Roles in My Dear Prince [Updated 15/11/2010]

The dynamic between Kaede and Sara is a unique one.  Whereas the other couples are clearly defined in terms of dominant/submissive, the placement of roles is not so concrete in their case.  The order of dominance between each couple can … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Trends

This is a list of odd patterns I’ve noticed within the series. Continue reading

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Why does no one write about 唇とキスで呟いて?

[Update 11/01/2011] An overview of this game was written at Listless Ink. Note that it contains spoilers. Much has been discussed of the first game in the series since it was translated. Some reviewers have even gone out of their … Continue reading

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Crossover Potential

This is an archive of discussion at Listless Ink. It is our belief that the popularity of Sonohana is great enough to warrant doujin games including its characters.

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